Evening  Structured as follows:
Artists arrive between 6 and 7pm.
Artist dinner 7pm – 8pm.
Audience arrive between 8.15 – 8.45
Show starts 9pm PROMPT
End 11pm
Artists, unless staying, generally depart by midnight
* set times vary slightly from week to week
The invitation to play includes dinner.  For us this is an important part of the evening. You arrive from 6pm but before 7pm when dinner is served. It is always vegetarian but not vegan – straight from the oven – with fresh bread and salad, beer wine. Pudding, maybe.
As well as being a simple gesture of hospitality, we think it provides another vital ingredient to the evening by setting the mood, introducing people, allowing for some useful dialogue and exchange.
SWC is a private, not a public gig.  If you have friends who’d like to attend your performance please ask them to introduce themselves by email to valeria.rispo@gmail.com and book themselves in.
The whole event is conceived as an online radio show.  Share the link http://songwriterscafe.co.uk with your friends and in your mail outs.   If you want to add our player widget to your site  on the night you’re playing, that can be arranged on the night.
Guest List:
We are constrained by space. Therefore we are allocating only one guest  per act.  But dinner remains strictly for artists except in exceptional circumstances.
We expect artists and audience members to exercise discretion and decorum appropriate to the event, its location and schedule. The gate closes at 8.45 and no-one will be admitted after that unless by prior arrangement. This is to safeguard the integrity of the show from late comers and also because of the logistics of managing the space with a handful of volunteers. This is first and foremost a weekly LISTENING event that foregrounds songwriters and their art.
This is also a bare essentials venue by virtue of its size, design and intention. Less is definitely more here! Whilst it is almost entirely acoustic  bass, small kit, electric guitar etc not a problem. Plugs on stage. There is unfortunately no piano. The triangular stage approx 1’high X 6′ wide X 6′ deep. Its head clearance is less than 6 feet – generally artists sit. The microphone for broadcasting is built into the ceiling and hidden.
Broadcast, Recording and Distribution.
Artists participate in the understanding that their live performance is being broadcast  over the internet and simultaneously recorded for our archive. If we wish to put the performance up later as Listen Again we will have the right to do so at our discretion but not for commercial gain. Should any commercial interest follow we will notify the artists involved and seek their approval before making any agreement, but we are not actively seeking this. We also understand that the songs which the artist performs at Songwriter’s Cafe are the artist(s) own original work and they maintain all the rights connected with that song(s). Each artist will be expected to  list the songs they performed and sign as to their originality and our right to exploit them in the manner outlined above without jeopardy to their copyright control.