The Songwriter’s Café began in Birmingham in Autumn 1996 at Fibber McGhee’s.  From small beginnings it quickly grew in popularity and we kicked off the second season at Scruffy Murphy’s in Dale End.  With a surprise appearance from PP Arnold and Ocean Colour Scene.  By the Summer the Cafe had outgrown Scruffy Murphy’s and moved to a new pub on Bennett’s Hill.  From 1996 Songwriter’s Café had a website, it recorded all the material to minidisc and by 1999 was attracting A&R people from London to come and check out the talent Birmingham had to offer.  Songwriter’s Café also began to tour the acts, bringing Birmingham Songwriters to play in London at the 12-Bar Club.  By 1999 the Songwriter’s Café had moved into the Songbank at the old Lloyds Bank building in Digbeth (no Hobgoblin) and put on the Songwriter’s Café Festival featuring many of the acts that had played over the years among newer talent.

A promo by Carlton TV 1997 when it resided at the Factotum & Firkin as a Sunday afternoon event open to the public.

Moments from the time – if you have any other images/media please let us know.

Each Sunday the afternoon was recorded and therefore there are mountains of minidiscs that cover the entire period.  Digitising it all to make it available is a huge task and it may take some time. If you think you’d like to help with this please get in touch.