Last nail hammered.
Last screw sunk.
Last plank sawn.
Now it’s time to get
SongWriter’s Café moving again.

After a break for renovations we are delighted to be back!  For the first time we are running into the autumn.  Fire burning, lights glowing, smell of autumn evening in the air.  They are coming across the bridge.  Time to get started.

The autumn Season has now come to an end, use the contact usto find out about future events.

This season so far has featured, in order of appearance:

4th September:
Tess of Tess of the Circle
Rose Redd

Renny Jackson

Frankie Williams of Grey Goose Blues Band

The Gren Bartley Band

11th September:
Mike Bethel
Rich McMahon
Abi Budgen
Dissident Prophet

 18th September:
Sam Draisey
Louise Kilbride
Dan Hartland
John Madden
Pete Kelly

25th September:
Thomas Daly
Cal Doonican
Andy Oliveri
The Old Dance School
Cadbury Sisters

2nd October:
Kate Doubleday
Son of Richard
Jack Harrison
Kim Lowings
Drake Low

9th October
Small Changes
Rowena Knight
Oli Jobes
Kate Wragg
Dan Whitehouse

16th October
Gavin Medza
Chris Cleverley
Red Bird Sky
Paul Murphy

23rd October
English Jones
Rob Lane
Vix and her Ms Chiefs
The Imp Rov I sat I on

30th October
Jez Sings Things
Darrell Haynes
Mellow Peaches
Sid Peacock and Steve Tromans
Red Shoes
Goodnight Lenin
Mickey Greaney

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