Thank you to everyone who is associated both virtually and actually. And Robin Valk for making a documentary about the 23rd June.

28th July Line-Up:
Billy & Lozz
Katy Rose & The Cavalry Parade
Micky Greaney
Carole Palmer

21st July Line-Up:
Paul Murphy
Simon Ark
Ollie Jobes
Goodnight Lenin

14th July Line-Up:
Robert Lane thank you for your blog entry
The Celturian
Luiz Gabriel Lopes
Andy Wickett

7th July Line-Up:
label presents:
James Summerfield

Simon Fox
Friends of the Stars
Richard Burke
and a spot appearance by Mahalia (not on the label)

23rd June Line-Up:
Dan Dickinson
Dave Garside
Jack Harrison & Joe Trudgeon
Phil Bond
Michael Weston King

16th June Line-Up:
Bill O’Brien
Rowena Knight
The Cadbury Sisters
Abie’s Miracle Tonic

9th June Line-Up:
David Timothy
Layla Tutt and the Good Lads

Louise Kilbride
Frankie Williams & Little Dave

2nd June Line-Up:
Corrie Palmer
The Celturian
Nessi Gomes
Tony Homer (no internet presence)

19th May Line-Up:
Rich McMahon
Little Sister
Darrell Haynes
Peter Kelly

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