A Song Called Avalanche:


Paul Murphy

Recently Paul put down his guitar and picked up a shovel.   You can find out why by watching this trailer of a new film that  Mark Radcliffe (BBC2) described as “Original, thoughtful, elegiac, haunting and touching. With exquisitely judged performances the film’s skilfully sustained mood will stay with me for quite some time”.

As well as working on Numbskull, Paul has been busy preparing for the return of the Songwriter’s Café which he hosts each Thursday in his Treehouse studio.   You can hear it live and join in the chat.

Currently a member of Birmingham REP Foundry.   Also working on a second novel.   In between he finds time to gig when the occasion inspires him, bringing his two recent solo albums to new audiences.

“Paul Murphy’s gravel voiced insights are both humorous and thought-provoking.  As a frontman he occupies the role of surreal ringmaster.  Like Captain Beefheart calling out the steps at a ceilidh” Prog Rock Mag